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Greenwood Air Management
SAP Appendix Q Eligible Products
Supreme Building Materials is one of the largest Greenwood Air Management stockist in the UK, with most goods being delivered within 3 days nationwide. The product range covers areas such as Heat Recovery, Whole House Ventilation, Acoustic Ventilation, Mechanical Ventilation & Window Vents.

Unity Fan De-Centralised
Mechanical Extract Ventilation

Greenwood Unity CV100 & CV100SV
  • Easily applied local extract
  • Wall, window or ceiling mounted
  • Specific fan powers 0.25 - 0.45 w/l/s
  • Long life, low energy EC motor
  • Silent ventilation
  • Unity Fan CV100

    Whole House Mechanical Extract Ventilation Whole House
    Mechanical Extract Ventilation

    Greenwood Centair CMFe
  • Suitable For Apartments & Houses
  • Specific Fan Powers 0.34 & 0.5 w/l/s
  • Long life, low energy DC motor
  • Silent ventilation

    Whole House Heat Recovery Whole House
    Heat Recovery

    Greenwood Fusion HRV 1
  • Suitable For Apartments & Houses
  • Specific Fan Powers 0.69 & 0.73 w/l/s
  • Heat Exchanger Efficiency 65%
  • Long life, low energy EC motor
  • Silent ventilation
  • Automatic Boost Facility
  • HRV 1 MVHR.65 MVHR.90

    Energy efficiency in dwellings is at the top of the agenda as we aim to reduce carbon emissions in the UK. Building Regulations and construction methods that have now been introduced to improve the energy efficiency of dwellings has meant today they are more airtight that they once were. Ventilation in SAP Energy consumption and a dwelling emission rate (DER) is calculated in SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) to comply with new Building Regulations. SAP now deals with ventilation in a different way – as building energy efficiency improves, the energy impact of ventilation increases and therefore affects overall dwelling emission rates. Each ventilation methodology has a default setting within SAP

    System 1 – Background Vents and Intermittent Extract Fans
    System 2 – Passive Stack Ventilation
    System 3 – Continuous Mechanical Extract Ventilation
    System 4 – Continuous Supply and Extract Ventilation with Heat Recovery

    MEV - Apartment working example

    MEV - House working example


    Going lite won’t do anything for your waistline, but it will for your carbon footprint! When you see this label it means the ventilation product is at least 44% more energy efficient than its standard alternative when installed. This means with this label you will see annual savings in terms of energy usage, £’s from your electricity bill and of course CO2 from the environment!! We are over the moon to tell you that 5 of our products currently carry the Carbonlite label, from an age old trusted bathroom and kitchen fan, to the latest in heat recovery and constant volume ventilation systems. Approach with caution though - because you’ll be kicking yourself with the savings that can be made with such a simple switch over!!

    Carbon Neutral
    Carbon Neutral

    We know we can’t avoid putting greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere even when we have minimised our impact to the full, so in simple terms we need to take out the Carbon Dioxide somewhere else. When you see this label it means we have committed to carbon offset projects. These reduce greenhouse gases in equal amounts to what we are emitting during a product’s manufacture and transportation or the activities of a service that we provide, thus making it Carbon neutral. You might not have heard but Greenwood is the first and only UK domestic ventilation manufacturer which has achieved Carbon Neutral status – for its Head Office and its new revolutionary and simply outstanding new Unity CV100 fan range… and this is just the start of things to come. During next year Greenwood aims to add this label to more of its products.
    SAP Appendix Q Eligible
    SAP Appendix Q Eligible

    Today each element of a new dwelling’s design is under the energy microscope as we aim for Zero Carbon Homes. When you see this industry label, it means the ventilation product is one of the most energy efficient on the market. Each product’s specific test performance is used in place of the default settings in SAP to help further reduce DERs (Dwelling Emission Rate). Not only do we have the most products of any distributor under SAP Appendix Q eligibility, we are the first with a de-centralised MEV! This means for new build dwellings, we have a wide range of products that will deliver energy savings for every situation.

    Supreme stocks a wide range of famous brands, and we are committed to offering these to you the customer at the most competitive prices.

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